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Studio BrichetZiegler



Created in 2010 by Caroline Ziegler and Pierre Brichet, Studio BrichetZiegler proposes a transversal and open-ended vision of design through a technical and poetic approach. With a deep understanding of know-how, they take a new look at materials and forms.

For the past 10 years, the duo has been pursuing its creative conversation and forming an open think tank to interact without limits.
Working at all scales, from craft to industry, their projects emerge over their encounters.

They collaborate with furniture and lighting companies. Colourful, graphic, and expressive, they draw evocative objects, where material is highlighted, as well as uses.

In 2015, seeking to develop another field of expression and experimentation, they were among the first French designers to explore the field of self-production by creating the By Hands collection. A family of objects and furniture, imagined, designed, and made by themselves in their workshop, in limited edition.

In 2017, they have been awarded the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris.

Some of their products belong to Mobilier National and CNAP permanent collections.



Each new project is an occasion to question ourselves.
We often use material or processes as a starting point, it determines the way we get into the project. Working on materials and their properties, respecting the limits they have, while exploring the extent of the possibilities or twisting know-hows are key dimensions of our approach.

We yearn to make bold products that stands out for their shapes and their technical qualities.

Objects that fit into any environment and that last, out of trends.
Teamwork is essential to us because it forges and refines objects to their smallest details, through the iterations of their development and everybody’s experiences.

This is why we believe in craft, processes, people, manufacturers and local production for the future.


Studio BrichetZiegler has, among other things, designed the Yasuke lamp for DCW.

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We believe in craft, processes, people, manufacturers and local production for the future.