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Mario Alessiani


Mario Alessiani is an Italian designer. He was brought up by two architects in central Italy and has always been attracted to Richard Sapper's Tolomeo lamp in his father's studio. This passion became his profession after graduating from the IED in Rome and working in London.

In 2013 when he was 24 years old, he opened his own design agency. His creations have been successful as he was selected among the best Italian designers under 30 by Virginio Briatore and Design People at the Milan Triennale.

Functional beauty is the main core of Mario Alessiani's design. Attention is focused not only on form but on the "how to shape". According to him, design is something that combines quality and reflection, and can be easily understood by everyone. He is at the origin of many projects such as the Float collection edited by Axolight. This functional lamp can be used as a table lamp, reading lamp and hanging lamp. The Blossom collection is inspired by tulips.

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« I believe design to be something that join quality and thinking »