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Bertrand Balas

architecte, designer

Bertrand Balas is a French architect and designer who started his professional life in 1962 as an independent.
It was in 1965 during a trip that this designer came into contact with Raak, a company that was very fundamental to the development of his design skills. He then began to draft a few projects.

That's when his collection "Here Comes the sun" began to take shape. But Bertrand Balas is above all an architect. For years, he devoted himself only to his work as an architect because he no longer had the freedom of mind to create spaces where he got lost, to imagine shapes, volumes, colours and materials.

It was finally long after that, when he retired, that he was called by Fréderic Winkler, interested in what would become "Here Comes the Sun". From then on, his career as a designer of light objects started again, to his great delight.

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