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Roberto Celada et Raquel Esteve


Roberto Celada and Raquel Esteve founded BUOKIDS; their inspiration comes from their three children, as well as all those around them such as friends and collaborators who make BUOKIDS a reality. They make children's lighting from their small workshop in Valencia.

"Our goal is to create a lighting that combines our passion for design, craftsmanship, the nobility of natural materials and interest in production methods and new technologies while taking into account the needs of children's rooms. For us, creating new objects is a passion, and doing it for children gives us a satisfaction where we can show our funny side.

We are honest with our products and we base our production in small series made with local suppliers.
This combined with the fact that they are made or completed by hand, allows us to control the quality of our products and pamper the finish, so that when you receive it will make you a little happier. "

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"Welcome to our little world ..."