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Fernando Cassetta

Designer, Engineer

Fernando Cassetta is an Italian designer and engineer born in 1946 in Italy. He has been living in southern France for several years.

After attending an international business school in Rome, he worked in the industrial world, notably in Africa. Passionate about design, he decided to create a pet for his dog in the early 70's. Indeed, his dog is often at the feet of his desk, and refuses to leave him. This Dog lamp brings him a true distraction and reduces his loneliness.

On May 13, 1970, Fernando Cassetta decided to deposit 6 patents of lamp models in Rome (2 dogs, 1 penguin, 1 bear, 1 mouse, 1 toucan). Then he went to a glass factory in Empoli where he made 1220 pieces of opaline glass body parts. In Pastrengo (VR) he found the Manara brothers of Tacman Manara, who produced plastic heels and soles for Bussolengo footwear manufacturers. They then sought to diversify their activity and found an amicable agreement with Fernando Cassetta who supplied the bodies in Opaline glass and they offered the molds in exchange for the possibility of marketing the lamps in Italy. And the story began.

Today, 47 years later, Fernando Cassetta has decided to bring out a limited series of only 50 pieces. Restored to the taste of the day, this Dog lamp with the red face and the black eyes has been reissued in 3D since March 2017 by Camtecs Engenering, and distributed exclusively by Nedgis.
Thanks to this manufacturing process (3D printing), this Dog lamp that some will recognize, combines vintage in its retro spirit and a modern look due to its 3D manufacturing. The design and features are identical to the original version.

mini-2 mini-1
Fernando Cassetta has decided to relaunch his dog lamp in a limited number.